Motivation: How Involved Are You? (part2)

Least Involved

Those in the category of Least Involved see piano (music) lessons as just another “thing” to try out. It seems that they are oblivious to the many positive and character-building effect naturally developed by the study of music. Those parents don’t believe in any kind of “pushing” the student to making the required commitment to daily practice. These parents (family members) are willing to let the students drop piano (music) study at the first mention of it.  As you can imagine, especially with the younger students, most of these students do not progress and end up jumping from activity to activity because of the lack of structure, commitment, and discipline.

More Invovled

The next level is those in the More Involved. In this level, we have the parents (family) that are aware of the importance of music study, and make an effort to communicate it to the student. Parents (family) in this level will remind students to practice throughout the week. They might even set up practice expectations as part of students’ chores or homework. And, although the level of motivation may be higher and some results are achieved, I’ve also noticed that most of the parents in this category seem to expect for the students to already possess the discipline to practice consistently. When these expectations are not met, then there might be some positive or negative enforcement as a consequence; other times, the “guilt trip” tactic is used to let the student know that he/she has fallen short and let someone down. I am aware that parents in this level have the best of intentions and only want the student to succeed and progress, but let me share the best way to motivate…

What is the BEST WAY to motivate?


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