Motivation: How Involved Are You? (part 3)


This brings me to the last level and that is the Most Involved. Parents on this level are aware of the importance of music study but are also very much aware of the process (time and effort) involved with this commitment. In this level, parents have developed a habit of creating non-threatening expectations for the given commitment. Parents might make it a habit to ask the student to play for you in the evening, maybe 3 days out of the week, not with the intention to judge, but simply because you enjoy seeing your child involved in this activity. Parents in this level have been able to communicate that they appreciate the students’ efforts as they are moving along this journey of learning to play an instrument. Finally, there is the highest level within this level, and that is to become a “peer” of your child. Parents become a “peer” when they themselves get involved in taking piano lessons. This gives the parents the opportunity of teaching the value of practice by example; it
creates a deep bond because you share the experience of learning and can empathize with each other.

Although I am fully aware of the extremely busy lives we all have, I challenge you to share the responsibility of motivating your child (piano student) by choosing the best motivational process of being Most Involved. Getting to the Most Involved level cannot happen overnight, but you can start taking steps towards it this week. I guarantee that your time invested will reap priceless rewards.


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