Motivation: How Involved Are You?

Over the past 10 years, one of the most mentioned concerns parents have, when starting piano lessons is, “How do I help him/her at home since I don’t play the piano at all??” First of all, I am delighted to hear a parent ask me that question! When a parent voices such concern, it shows me that the parents are aware that a piano lesson followed by a “Practice everyday!” will not be enough to guarantee good progress. Well, let me inform you that, as a parent (family member), you have a powerful influence on a piano student’s motivation! Whether you consciously choose it or not, you are directly influencing how motivated your child (piano student) is.

The motivational factor I’m focusing on is the level of involvement. Although there are other motivational factors, this is one that we have direct control over. It is my observation that the level of involvement is proportionate to the students’ level of motivation. To keep things simple, I will briefly name the three levels of involvement I’ve seen:

1. Least Involved

2. More Involved and

3. Most Involved.

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