Using Fun to Change Behavior

I just ran into this YouTube video that experiments on how people choose to climb stairs instead of using the escalator. And, if you’ve ever been in front of the two and had to choose, I’m sure for the most part, we do not choose the stairs.
I just LOVE the way they chose to make the stairs fun! They turned them into piano keys!! Imagine what we, as teachers, can do if we find ways to make learning fun…We need to find new and different ways to present concepts and material that needs to be learned, but sometimes is a bit boring.  What do your students find boring? Scales? Arpeggios? Theory? All of the above?

I know, that is putting more on us, but after all, aren’t we meant to inspire and motivate??  That is why it is of utmost importance that all who are involved in educating have a passion to pass on the content we know.  As an educator, one of the most satisfying things in life should be the moments students understand and can apply knowledge learned.  A true educator needs to have a burning desire to be life-long learners ourselves; always striving to be more effective communicators because, after all, of what use is a person full with all the knowledge of the world, but is incapable of communicating it along…


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